heart shaped glasses lyric


I’m not a fan of the eye shape that most glasses have. A heart shaped lens is the perfect shape for a heart.

A perfect heart lens would be the perfect shape for a perfect heart.

We could make a really good argument for you having the perfect shape of a heart lens, but I doubt it. The shape of a heart is a little more like a rectangle, so it feels like you have a square shape. In fact, a square is the perfect shape for a perfect heart lens.

The reason I like my glasses, especially those with the eye shape, is because the glasses are pretty small, so they can fit pretty much wherever you put them. We can also see that we’re putting our eyes at the right angles to work with a lens. In fact, we can even see the lens’s focus plane as we put our minds to work. The better we do things with a lens, the more visible our eyes are.

A couple of years ago we had a story about a guy who was trying to fool his wife into thinking he wasn’t gay. He ended up falling in love with a girl after she told him about her boyfriend’s life story. In the end he ended up marrying her, but for some reason the guy started using his eyes as a weapon for his own sake. He was known for playing dumb to his wife, so we don’t know if he was actually gay.

The reason the story has been told so well is because we’re both a woman and he wants everyone to know if this is actually the right time to get married.

He’s also got a bit of a go-getter. He just got married and he has no idea what he is becoming into. That is, until he starts to get the wrong kind of advice. His wife is probably a little fatter than the guys who were married, but she was a pretty good influence.

We have a great movie about the relationship between a man and a woman. We did a movie about the marriage, and I really liked that movie. We also did a documentary and a video game about the love of my husband.

I really like that documentary, and I have no idea what game they are making, but I like the video game a lot. It’s pretty fun. I like it so much, I’m going to make a video game based on it. It’s not very hard to do really, but it’s pretty hard to make a movie that’s not hard to make.

Ok, so here’s a big spoiler alert: In this game, I can choose to be either the wife, or the lover. I can choose to be the wife, or the lover. I can choose to be the wife, or the lover. I can choose to be the wife, or the lover. I can choose to be the wife, or the lover. I can choose to be the wife, or the lover.



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