john franklin sawyer


The great philosopher john francls sawyer was the first person to write a book called the book of happiness. In it he discusses the many reasons why happiness exists and what we can do to achieve it.

In the book, he argues that happiness is one of the most important things in life. It’s a wonderful thing that can be achieved by all who live a happy life. And in fact, happiness is the single most important thing that a person can do to improve the lives of those around them.

But is happiness just a feeling? Is happiness just the absence of pain? The word happiness is derived from the Greek word ‘happiness’ which means “pleasure” or “glee” in English. We could be happy just by doing nothing. It could be a lot of fun to just sit on the beach and watch the birds or just sit in front of our computer. But is that really happiness? It’s a feeling.

If happiness is a feeling, you can be happy just by just sitting on the beach or just by watching the birds or just by sitting in front of your computer. But that is not really happiness. Happiness is a state of mind. Happiness is about what I want to do next, and when that happens I will feel happy. Happiness is about whether or not I am happy right now. But that is not happiness.

I don’t know what kind of happiness you are talking about. But I do know happiness is a state of mind. Happiness is not about whether or not you are happy right now. Happiness is about whether or not you do what you want to do next.

I think what I’ve come to realize is that happiness is more than just “happenstance.” It’s a state of mind, and it’s a state of mind that is self-aware. To be happy is to be aware that you are in a state of mind that you want to be in, that you want to be in. And we all know that, regardless of whether or not you wake up one morning, you always have the power to be happy.

The problem with this is that many people don’t have the courage to be happy. It’s easy to be happy at the moment, but it’s much harder to be happy in the future, because the future is the future. You know you want to be happy right now, but you don’t necessarily have the power to be happy in the future.

And this is why people who want to change the future are often so busy trying to be happy now, because they dont have the power to actually be happy in the future. When we ask ourselves, “How can I be happy today?” we usually get to the end of where we want to be, so we can get to the beginning of where we want to be; and that’s ok, because that’s where we want to be.

For a lot of people, happiness is the most important thing in the world today. For example, it’s impossible for most people to get to the bottom of the ocean, so they simply stop trying. But if you are a shark like us, you can’t just stop trying. You have to keep swimming.

To John Franklin sawyer, a shark like us, we cannot stop trying. Because there is no ocean bottom. Its just the sun and the sand and the water and the fish and the plankton and the crabs and the dolphins and the stingrays and the jellyfish and the whales. That’s the only bottom.



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