wayfinder’s guide to eberron (5e) pdf


This is a guide to the mechanics of running an Eberron campaign in your campaign world, with information and tips specific to 5E.

This is actually a pretty big thing that comes up a lot in the forums, and I’m going to tell you why. Many people are confused about how their campaign will work with the rules, and this guide will clear things up for them. It also gives a good overview of how to run your campaign in the tabletop game with the new rules.

The biggest question is “how do I run a 5E campaign?”. To me, this question is much easier to answer if you have an idea of what you want your campaign to look like. I know that most people expect everything to be the same as your campaign world, which is a bad idea. But when you look at it from a rules perspective, your campaign should be much more of a mashup of the normal campaign world and the new rules.

It’s a tough question. You want your campaign to be “normal” enough to be playable in a campaign game, but still “different” enough to stand out as something new.

But there’s a bit of a catch-22 here: If your new campaign’s setting is in a universe where everything is the same, then the campaign will be completely boring.

You could make it so that everything was different. For example, if you wanted your campaign to be focused more on the normal campaign world, you could put it in the same setting as the new campaign world. You wouldn’t need to tell your players in the campaign world that the setting of your new campaign world was a mix of normal and new.

The problem is that if you only put new campaign settings in the same setting as your old campaign world, then you’ll have boring campaigns because you won’t have anything interesting to do. If you only put the new campaign world in the same setting as your old campaign world, then your campaign world will only be boring because it will be very dull. Thats why I think it’s best to make things different.

But i think the only way to get an interesting campaign world is to make them unique. So you can’t keep the old campaign world always in the same setting.

you dont know if your going to kill these people so how you play them is going to be very different. I think its best to have a lot of ways to play this game. If you play it a lot like the old game then you have to have all those different ways.



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