what does pt mean on dish guide


I recently had the pleasure of seeing this dish at a restaurant and it meant so much to me. It is one of those dishes that I want to try every week. The flavor and quality are beyond good. I can’t wait to try it again.

The “woke guy” who made it said he wanted to do a “diner” to get the “woke guy” to go away. So I said, “I do a “diner” because I’m hungry.

It’s funny about how things like this come around. The dish came in a box and I opened it and it was so good I ordered the whole box. I love my food and I love the fact that I can now eat it every day. I’m just the luckiest guy in the world.

I have no idea what that means, but if the dish is as good as it was in the box I seriously doubt I could live without it.

I think that’s a pretty good description of what dish guide has meant to me. A big part of what makes The Dish a great travel companion is how great it is on its own (i.e. not in place of the other two). You can’t compare it to the other two in terms of how it’s made, how it’s presented, or how it’s presented to you.

I love the simple way that Dish guides work. They’re all designed to be used as a standalone package, not in conjunction with the other three guides. So the recipes are great, they’re all designed with you in mind, and they all complement each other so well. But the best part is the entire package is just as much fun to just open up the box to see what’s inside.

You can use a timer to get rid of the water from your dish, but if you don’t use it to get rid of the water, then you’re probably on the verge of putting it back in your dish. But if you can’t find that water out, then make sure you don’t put that water back in the dish.

I’ve been using the recipes for my new dish, and they’re all pretty much what I’ve used them for. If you’ve read the other three recipes, you know how to get rid of water from your plate and put it back in your dish. The only difference is that I’ve also added some stuff to the sauce.

the recipes for my new dish are all pretty much the same. I added some spices and onions to the sauce.

That is the only difference. Ive added some stuff to the sauce.



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