willamette week voters guide 2016


I feel like it is time to stop being so afraid of our own opinions. We have the ability to learn, improve, and change things, and we do this through our own actions. But we have to take our own actions in the real world.

To get us all on the same page, here’s the Willamette Week Voting Guide. It’s full of great tips and tricks that will give you the most effective and efficient way to vote. You’ll also see a few fun little videos that we’ve put together to make voting fun and easy.

If you’ve been following our Twitter or Facebook page, you probably know about the Willamette Week Voter Guide. It is filled with great tips and tricks that will give you the most effective and efficiency way to vote. Youll also see a few fun little videos that weve put together to make voting fun and easy.

This is the first time that we have a voter’s guide that is based off of our site. We dont’ want to give you the wrong information, but instead we wanted to give you the best way to be sure you’re voting for the best candidate for you. So weve put together a list of all the info you need to make your voting for the best of the best a success.

First, we wanted to make sure that everyone knew who the “Best Candidate” was going to be for the upcoming election. Weve asked a lot of your feedback on the site, and we think that the best way to make sure you make the right decision is to go back to the polls and take this quiz.

You can get your questions answered if you get a vote, you can make your vote as long as you’re there to vote. You can also be sure you’re going to get a vote if you vote. You can do it in a little while, it makes it a lot easier. If you’re going to make this vote, then you have to be sure you’re going to get it.

If you do, then you might as well vote right now.

When you go to the polls you’ll have to answer a couple of questions about yourself and your voting history. It’s not like you can just make up the questions, the site has you fill in the questions. I think the questions are pretty good. If you don’t know, you’re not going to like the questions.But I’ll give you some pointers.

Ive got a bunch of questions about who I vote for. First one, I vote for my favorite candidate. The most important thing is that the candidate has had a good track record. If you like a candidate, then you should be able to say you voted for him or her.



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