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It seems like every blog and author out there have some sort of new theory or new technique to use to sell their ideas. I’ve never seen anyone who can honestly claim to have “the answer” to life or the universe. I don’t know what the answer is, except that it’s not a “discovery” and it doesn’t exist.

You can be that guy that finds an answer and sticks to it. As a blogger I’ve often thought that I would love to be one of those guys. The problem is that I don’t know what the answer is, or if I even have one.

I know many of you are wondering why I’ve gone on this sort of journey and not just because I feel like I’ve been in a trap, but I do still feel like I have no answer.

I’m here because I have a deep desire to know. Although I know I will never be able to understand that desire, I know that the desire is there. I just don’t know.

The thing is that people who are the most successful (and most successful seem to be people who are most afraid of failing) can sometimes have the most complicated answers. For example, Ive been in the military my entire life, and Ive never once considered giving up my career. In fact, Ive always considered my career to be something that I would have to fight for.

Ive seen it in my friends, and I know it in my own heart. Ive seen a lot of people who are super successful seem so uncomfortable talking about failures, and have so little patience for others who have similar struggles. They want to be their own hero, but they seem to be scared to even be themselves. The people who are the most successful seem to be the ones we feel the most comfortable with and the ones who have the most complicated answers.

The thing we all see is the most successful people often feel uncomfortable or afraid to show their real selves. This is why so many try to hide behind false bravado, or at least pretend to be something they’re not. We want to be the people we see in the media, but we don’t want to be the people we hide in. Instead we try to be whatever we think we should be.

This is true, and it applies in various forms. Even though we’re the ones who make the decisions, we still feel like “we” and “we” want to be the ones who are successful. It’s like we want to be the ones who have the most fun, and the ones who make the most money, and the ones who get the most beautiful girls. In short, we want to be the people we think should be.

We want to know who our parents are, and why we are here. This is important for a couple of reasons. First, when our mothers and fathers are no longer around, we miss them. This makes us feel more connected to them and less like we are going to die alone. Second, some of us identify more with our parents than others. To me the most important people to look up to as a child are my parents. I wouldn’t be me without them.

We’re all in this together. We know the people we love but we also have the responsibility to care for them. There’s a little part of us that wants to be someone we would want to be, but we also want to learn what it takes to be somebody we don’t want to be. We care about parents who are no longer with us as much as we care about those who are.



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